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Imam Khomeini House (Iran tourism)

 Imam Khomeini House,iran tourism

Imam Khomeini's father-house which is located by the northern bank of the Khomein River is in the old part of the city. This house is very famous and is being visited by many tourists.


Molla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum (Iran tourism)

 Molla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum,iran tourism

This mausoleum is 2.5 km south of Soltanieh city. The facade of this structure is octagonal, but internally it is square in shape. It has porticos on four sides on the ground floor, leading to elaborate halls connected to each other. Smaller porticos, are connected to the larger ones on the ground floor by stair cases.


Water Reservoirs (Iran tourism)

Water Reservoirs,iran tourism

The natural and climatic characteristics in addition to the expanse of Yazd's deserts have given rise to the construction of various reservoirs all over the province.


Kharmanehsar Cave (Iran tourism)

 Kharmanehsar Cave,iran tourism

The said cave is located in the heights of the Kharmanehsar Mountains in the village of Shah Neshan. A type of granite and white limestone have formed columns and hangings (Stalagtites and Stalagmites) very similar to those of a chandelier, suspended from the roof of the cave. Needless to say this natural feature has added to its beauty.