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Imam Jomeh House

 Imam Jomeh House,iran tourism

Imam Jomeh house is one of the magnificent buildings of second half of 13th century AH. and was used to be the residence of ‘Imam Jomeh’ or the Friday Praying Leader, prior to Islamic Revolution.


Borujerdiha House

 Borujerdiha House,iran tourism

The said premises is located in Kashan and was constructed during the years 1292-1310 AH. by 'Haj Seyed Jaffar Natanzi' a merchant who conducted business in Borujerd and Kashan as well.


Imam Khomeini House

 Imam Khomeini House,iran tourism

Imam Khomeini's father-house which is located by the northern bank of the Khomein River is in the old part of the city. This house is very famous and is being visited by many tourists.


Zolfaqary Edifice

Zolfaqary Edifice,iran tourism

The historical complex of the Zolfaqary edifice is located in the central network of the old part of the Zanjan city. This comprises of the so called interior buildings (which mainly sheltered the women of the household and was their domain ), and the 'exterior' section.


Mofakham Mirror House

 Mofakham Mirror House,iran tourism

This building is in the city of Bojnoord , and belonged to Sardar Mofakham, one of the officials in the late Qajar period. As the name indicates, this building boasts of its mirror work and tile design.