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Anjedan Caves

 Anjedan Caves,iran tourism
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Anjedan Caves, Arak 

These caves are located 40 km. to the east of Arak around the Anjedan Village, and beside the natural and historical attractions of this village have special charm of their own. Other caves of this vicinity are the Assily, Miyanlanoon or Kolucheh Bala, Taq Reche, Giveh Kesh and Shoqal Darreh Caves. Out of the above mentioned caves, Assily and Taq Reche caves are more site seeing and important.

The Assily Cave is 73.5 m. in length, and during the rainy season the scene of its stalactites and stalagmites are worth seeing. This cave is located 5 km. to the west of Anjedan. The Taq Reche ave also to the presence of two old trees near the opening of the cave renders a special beauty.