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National Arts Museum

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National Arts Museum, Tehran

The facade of museum is adorned with tile works. It has a large wooden door with a network of glass panes. The wooden and carved planets as well as the velvet curtains are all the works of the artists employed by the museum. The relics of this museum can be pointed as followsMiniatures in the style of the 10th century which has been painted recently. Each Miniature displays various artistic affects such as frame works, inlaid works,embossment works as well as gilded workThe statue of Haj Moqbel (Neyzan-e-Siyah-e-del Zendeh) (the black and hearty flute player), the masterpiece of Abol Hassan Khan Sediqi, apprentice of Kamal-ol-Molk.a tableau with a tile-work background relative to 40 years ago, besides many other pieces of works of art.