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Imamzadeh Sahl ebne Ali (Iran tourism)

 Imamzadeh Sahl ebne Ali,iran tourism

This tomb is located in the city of Astaneh, amidst natural surroundings in Sarband. The structure and dome of the Imamzadeh is a remnant of the Al Booyeh era and is counted as one of the respected tombs of Iran.


Imamzadeh Abdollah (Iran tourism)

 Imamzadeh Abdollah,iran tourism

The same is a pilgrimage site in the Reyhan village of Khomein. The inhabitants state that three corpses in an intact condition were found here in 1975. Two of which were the offsprings of Imamzadeh Abdollah.


Soltanieh Dome Tomb (Iran tourism)

 Soltanieh Dome Tomb,iran tourism

The said lies south west of the Cohan Dej (Royal citadel). It was constructed during the reign of Soltan Mohammad Khoda Bandeh (Oljaito) in the years 704-712 AH. This structure has 8 elevated porticos and about 50 chambers, including an area which is also similar to a chamber.


Qeidar Nabi Mausoleum (Iran tourism)

 Qeidar Nabi Mausoleum,iran tourism

This mausoleum is that of Qeydar Ben Esmail Ben Ebrahim one of the prophets of the Bani Israili clan. The construction of this structure dates back to 719 AH. and the dome of which was built in the year 751 AH.