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Dowlat Abad Garden (Iran tourism)

Dowlat Abad Garden,iran tourism

This garden has an aggregate of different buildings which were designed and constructed during the time of Mohammad Taqi Khan in the Zandieh era.


Naraq Bazaar (Iran tourism)

 Naraq Bazaar,iran tourism

The historic city of Naraq is en route Delijan to Kashan. Its ancient and historical covered bazaar is a valuable relic. This bazaar was constructed of mortar and brick, and dates back to the Qajar era.


Zolfaqary Edifice (Iran tourism)

Zolfaqary Edifice,iran tourism

The historical complex of the Zolfaqary edifice is located in the central network of the old part of the Zanjan city. This comprises of the so called interior buildings (which mainly sheltered the women of the household and was their domain ), and the 'exterior' section.


Forests and Deserts (Iran tourism)

Forests and Deserts,iran tourism

The forests areas of the province are the natural forests located in the northern fringes which are the continuation of the mountainous forests of the Alborz mountains