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Shoorabil Lake

Shoorabil Lake,iran tourism

With an area of 120 hectares, this salt-water lake is located south of the Ardabil city and constitutes an important recreational site for the inhabitants of Ardabil with several facilities.


Neor Lake

Neor Lake,iran tourism

This lake is located 48 km. southeast of the city of Ardabil, in an altitude of 2,700 m. above sea level. With an area of more than 220 hectares, it is composed of a smaller and a larger basin, which gets connected in rainy seasons forming a single lake.


Tashak and Bakhtegan Lake

 Tashak and Bakhtegan Lake,iran tourism

These lakes are situated northwest of Nayreez. The mountainous area among them, along with various islands, specially in Tasht Lake (Pelicans and Nargess islands) have created a precious natural aggregate.


Parishan (Famoor) Lake

 Parishan (Famoor) Lake,iran tourism

This lake is formed 3 km. away from Ayaz Abad Village and at a distance of 12 km to the southeast of Kazeroon. It is protected by Department of The Environment.


Hozeh Soltan Lake

Hozeh Soltan Lake,iran tourism

The said lake covers an area of approximately 2,400 and is located to the east of the township of Qom.