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Chal Nakhjir Cave

 Chal Nakhjir Cave,iran tourism
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Chal Nakhjir Cave, Delijan 

Chal Nakhjir is a rare geological phenomenon which was recently discovered in 1989 and is located in the township of Delijan. This cave belongs to the Cenozoic period and has been formed as a result of tectonic factors and aerobic chemical reactions. It has beautiful decorative stones. The height of this cave in some places reaches over 20 m. and has deep valleys in its divergent paths.

The reflection of light through prism of crystals and calcite stones, beside variable hangings from ceiling and spongy crystalic covering of the walls and flooring, create an exotic sight and ranks this cave to one of the most beautiful and outstanding caves of the world in attracting tourists. Certain characteristics such as passages, lakes, pools and columns have presented a special beauty to this cave. It is said that there is a pool of water at the end of this cave with large halls alongside. This cave is a rare and exceptional site for tourists is worth seeing.