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Caves (Iran tourism)

Caves,iran tourism

This cave is located near the village of Soltan Abad, at an elevation of 2,240 m. in the Sard Kooh Mountains of Malayer.


Alisadr Cave (Iran tourism)

 Alisadr Cave,iran tourism

The said cave is the largest in the world, containing water and offering the use of canoes. This cave is located in the village of Alisadr, district of Kabudrahang, and was inaugurated in the year 1967.


Imamzadeh Mohsen (Iran tourism)

Imamzadeh Mohsen,iran tourism

This Imamzadeh is located in the village of Farajin (Hamadan). Since it is situated in one of the pleasant valleys in the slopes of the Alvand Mountains it is also known as Imamzadeh Kooh.