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Baba Taher Oryan Tomb (Iran tourism)

Baba Taher Oryan Tomb,iran tourism

This memorial is tomb of the great Gnostic and poet of the late 4th and early 5th centuries AH. The tomb is located on a hill in the north west of Hamadan.


Avecina Tomb (Iran tourism)

Avecina Tomb,iran tourism

'Avecina', or (Hojjat-ol-Haq Sheikh-ol-Rais Sharaf-ol-Molk Abu Ali Hossein Ebne Abdollah Ebne Sina), was the great philosopher, scholar, physician of Iran (370-428 AH.). This tomb is located in Bu Ali Sq.


Alavian (Gonbad-e-Alavian) Tomb (Iran tourism)

Alavian (Gonbad-e-Alavian)  Tomb,iran tourism

Alavian (Gonbad-e-Alavian) Tomb, Hamadan This four-sided structure houses the tombs of two of the members of the Alavian family, related to the Saljuqi period. The dome of this structure had been artistically worked with plaster, but through the ages is no more. The tombs are situated under the domed ceiling of the cellar, and worked in blue tiles. Externally, the structure has been decoratively inlaid with bricks placed in a diamond pattern. The remains of a beautiful inscription, also in embossed brick, written in the 'kufic' script can be observed on the outer wall and columns. The entrance to this tomb is also worth attention.


Introducing Province (Iran tourism)

Introducing Province,iran tourism

The province of Hamadan covers an area of 19,368 sq. km. and is located to the west of Iran. Asad Abad, Towiserkan, Bahar, Razan, Kabudrahang, Malayer, Nahavand and Hamadan are the townships of this province.