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Hazrat Masoomeh Holy Shrine (Iran tourism)

Hazrat Masoomeh Holy Shrine,iran tourism

The aggregate of the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ma'soomeh is in the city center of Qom, and is considered to be one of the largest and most valuable relics of Islamic architecture of Iran and the world which bears precious remnants from various centuries.


Qom Azam Mosque (Iran tourism)

Qom Azam Mosque,iran tourism

This mosque is situated to the western front of the Astaneh of the Hazrat Ma'soomeh (AS). The same was constructed by the efforts of Ayatollah Borujerdi in the year 1374 AH.


Qom Bazaar (Iran tourism)

Qom Bazaar,iran tourism

The archaic bazaar of Qom comprises of two sectors - the old and new ones. The old segment with its valuable surrounding structures lies to the east of Taleqani Avenue, prolonging from the limits of Paminar towards the north.


Jahangir Khan School (Iran tourism)

Jahangir Khan School,iran tourism

The same is located in the eastern section of the city, and is a school of the Safavid era. The structure went under repair during the Qajar period, thence it came to be known by the same name.


Feizieh Religious Science School (Iran tourism)

Feizieh Religious Science School,iran tourism

The said is one of the famous centers of theology related to the Shiite sect. This school took the place of the already established 'Astaneh School' in the mid 13th century, the same was founded in the Safavid era.