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Borujerd Jame Mosque

 Borujerd Jame Mosque,iran tourism
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Borujerd Jame' Mosque, Borujerd 

According to an inscription, this mosque was constructed in the year 1068 AH. The mosque is located to the east of the city of Borujerd. The entrance door of the mosque was built in the year 1092 AH. under the command of Soltan Mohammad. In the year 1209 AH. Taqi Khan Razani was responsible for the construction of the top of two minarets called 'gol-dasteh'.The most beautiful part of the mosque is its pulpit which has nine steps. This pulpit is of wood and dates back to 1068 AH. To the northern side of the court-yard of the mosque is a large area with fine columns used as a place for prayers. Here there is also a carved wooden door above which is an inscription with an area of 25cm x 38 cm. This inscription is related to the reign of Shah Abbas I .