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Soltani Mosque (Iran tourism)

 Soltani Mosque,iran tourism

This mosque is also known as the Shah mosque, and is a remnant of the Qajar period . The courtyard of the mosque is 61 x 47 sq. m. which has a pool in the center.


Borujerd Jame Mosque (Iran tourism)

 Borujerd Jame Mosque,iran tourism

According to an inscription, this mosque was constructed in the year 1068 AH. The mosque is located to the east of the city of Borujerd. The entrance door of the mosque was built in the year 1092 AH.


Shapouri Bridge (Iran tourism)

 Shapouri Bridge,iran tourism

This bridge is located 2 km. south-west of Khoram Abad, and to the west of the old city of Shahpour Khast. It is one of the master-pieces of architecture in bridge construction of the Sassanian period.


Kashgan Bridge (Iran tourism)

 Kashgan Bridge,iran tourism

The above mentioned bridge is situated on the old road of Tehran to the ancient city of Shahpour Khast. This bridge has been constructed on Kashgan river.


Falakol Aflak Castle (Iran tourism)

 Falakol Aflak Castle,iran tourism

This reputed and historical castle is located on a stony hillock in the midst of the city of Khoram Abad. The original date of construction of the said castle is not known.