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Introducing Province (Iran tourism)

Introducing Province,iran tourism

The province of Qom is situated to the south of the province of Tehran, and covers an area of 11,526 According to the latest divisions of the country , the township of Qom, is the only township of the said province.


Khoda Afarin Bridge (Iran tourism)

 Khoda Afarin Bridge,iran tourism

Located on the Aras River, near a place called Khoda Afarin, two bridges were constructed . The first being 160 m. in length dating back to the 6th century AH.


Dokhtar Bridge (Iran tourism)

 Dokhtar Bridge,iran tourism

This bridge was constructed on the Qezel Ozan River 20 km. southeast of Mianeh. In the year 1946 in order to prevent the army entering into Azarbayjan, the bridge was covered with mines by the Democrats (Communists) of Aazarbayjan.