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Atrak River (Iran tourism)

 Atrak River,iran tourism

This river originates from the Hezar Masjed , Aladaq and Binalood heights . The main tributary runs in this vicinity, and two other rivers such as "Shirin Chai" and "Soomobarakeh" feed the Atrak River and form a part of the borderline between Iran and the Republic of Turkemenistan before entering the Caspian Sea .


Mofakham Mirror House (Iran tourism)

 Mofakham Mirror House,iran tourism

This building is in the city of Bojnoord , and belonged to Sardar Mofakham, one of the officials in the late Qajar period. As the name indicates, this building boasts of its mirror work and tile design.


Handicrafts and Souvenirs (Iran tourism)

Handicrafts and Souvenirs,iran tourism

The handicrafts and souvenirs of the province of Kerman are as follows:A traditional embroidery known as patteh, carpets, rugs, jajeems, Kilims (a coarse carpet), satchels, and other hand woven articles.


Anthrpological Museum (Iran tourism)

Anthrpological  Museum,iran tourism

The Ganj Ali Khan Bath is situated to the south of the Ganj Ali Khan Aggregate. The same was constructed in the year 1020 AH., under the orders of Ganj Ali Khan the governor of the time.