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Gavmishan Bridge (Iran tourism)

 Gavmishan Bridge,iran tourism

This Sassanide bridge has been constructed in the confluence of the Seimareh and Kashkan Rivers. Although it has been repaired several times during the past, it is almost in a ruined state now.


Bahrame Choobin Gorge (Iran tourism)

 Bahrame Choobin Gorge,iran tourism

This narrow and high valley is one of the most important and strategic points of the region, located in the western side of the Dareh Shahr - Pol-e-Dokhtar Road.


Introducing Province (Iran tourism)

Introducing Province,iran tourism

Covering an area of 20,133 square kilometers, Ilam province is located in the western Iran. According to the latest divisions of the country , the cities of the province are Ilam, Mehran, Dehloran, Dareh Shahr, Shirvan Va Chardavol, Aivan and Abdanan. Ilam is the capital city of the province.


Handicrafts and Souvenirs (Iran tourism)

Handicrafts and Souvenirs,iran tourism

The most important handicrafts of the Province are high quality Carpets with unique designs (especially in Mood Village which are mostly exported), rugs, mat-making, silk cloth, pottery, earthenware objects, coarse carpet klim etc.