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Introducing Province (Iran tourism)

Introducing Province,iran tourism

The province of South Khorassan, located in the east of Iran covering an area of 88,404 sq. km. It is bounded to Razavi Khorassan in north , Afghanistan Republic in the east, Sitan and Baluchistan in the south and Kerman Province in westsouth and Yazd Province in the west.


Handicrafts and Souvenirs (Iran tourism)

Handicrafts and Souvenirs,iran tourism

The important and various types of Khorassan handicrafts are: Carpet weaving, Silk production, She'rbafi, Felt carpet, Wool making, sculptured work on stone, Turquoise stone, Ceramic work and Pipe weaving.


Binalood and Aladaq Mountains (Iran tourism)

Binalood and Aladaq Mountains,iran tourism

These mountain ranges are the continuation of the Alborz Mountain Range. The Aladaq running 170 km. at a stretch, lies between the Koorkhod Mountains to the west, and Binalood Range to the east.


Qarhsoo River (Iran tourism)

 Qarhsoo River,iran tourism

This river flows in the valley of Esfarayen . It originates from south of Aladaq Mountains and to the north from Shah Jahan Mountain Ranges.