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Molla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum

 Molla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum,iran tourism
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Molla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum

 This mausoleum is 2.5 km south of Soltanieh city. The facade of this structure is octagonal, but internally it is square in shape. It has porticos on four sides on the ground floor, leading to elaborate halls connected to each other. Smaller porticos, are connected to the larger ones on the ground floor by stair cases. The dome is supported by nucleus axis in the center. Internally this mausoleum has been artistically finished in the way of arched or vaulted plaster, (relating to the Qajar era during the reign of Fathali Shah).

On the two sides of the entrance, are quarters for sentries and door keepers. The walls of the chambers have been embossed with such sacred words and phrases such as Allah, Mohammad, Ali, in the Kific script and on the fringes are the words 'La Ellaha Elallah'.