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Kahak Cave (Iran tourism)

 Kahak Cave,iran tourism

This cave is located to the east of the Kahak Village near Delijan, and has wonderful scenes. It is one of the most important caves in this region, and lies between the Markazi and Qom provinces.


Yazd » Kabir Jame' Mosque (Iran tourism)

Yazd » Kabir Jame' Mosque,iran tourism

This archaic and extremely valuable structure is a collection of shimmering tiles, tall minarets, beautiful plaster work, spacious and airy courtyards, nocturnal areas for use in the winter season, and the turquoise colored dome which reflects quiet serene.


Abhar Rood River (Iran tourism)

 Abhar Rood River,iran tourism

This vicinity is within the limits of the eastern face of Garah Daq Mountains, in the rural area of Sajas, taking its source 30 km north east of Qeydar.