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Shah Vali Mosque (Iran tourism)

 Shah Vali Mosque,iran tourism

This mosque has a hot chamber bath and summer section. The same is situated in Taft. Its important relics are: marble stone of adythum in 125cm.


Shah Zand Cave (Iran tourism)

 Shah Zand Cave,iran tourism

This cave is 35 km. to the south west of Arak. From ancient times this cave was a sacred and pilgrimage site for the Zoroastrians and annually many Zoroastrians from all over the country as well as India visit this cave for pilgrimage.


Molla Esmaeil Mosque (Iran tourism)

Molla Esmaeil Mosque,iran tourism

This mosque is situated in the south of Khan Bazaar square, built under the orders of Molla Esmaeil Aqdie, one of the prominent scholars of the clergy in the 13th century AH.


Sajas Rood River (Iran tourism)

 Sajas Rood River,iran tourism

The Sajas Rood finds its source in the southern slopes of the Aq Daq Mountains, which lie to the north east of Qeydar and to the south east of Zanjan.


Qezel Ozan River (Iran tourism)

Qezel Ozan River,iran tourism

This river finds its source in the mountains of Kurdestan, and meandering through the winter residing quarters (Qishlaq) of the Afshar terrain, finds its way to the suburbs of Khoda Bandeh.