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Local and Regional Foods

Local and Regional Foods,iran tourism
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Local and Regional Foods, Golestan 

There are many types of delicacies such as soups, many types of roasted meals such as meat, vegetable, cutlet, Shami, Morqetorsh, Tah Beryan, Kadou Qaalyeh, types of fish, Morq Badenjan Pollow, Sir Qalyeh, nargesi, Esphenaj Torshe, Loubiapateh, Shirin Tareh, Badenjan Pateh, Nardoun, Qalyeh, special foods for Sheferd, Fesenjan Aloumosmma, Katteh Chelav, Khoresht Anar, Mirzaqasemi, Torshe Tarreh, Esfenaj Pollow, Local bread, Anarteem Pahlou, Baqali Pollow, types of cookies, sweet meat, many kinds of pickles as well as other dishes…