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Water Reservoirs (Iran tourism)

Water Reservoirs,iran tourism

The natural and climatic characteristics in addition to the expanse of Yazd's deserts have given rise to the construction of various reservoirs all over the province.


Kharmanehsar Cave (Iran tourism)

 Kharmanehsar Cave,iran tourism

The said cave is located in the heights of the Kharmanehsar Mountains in the village of Shah Neshan. A type of granite and white limestone have formed columns and hangings (Stalagtites and Stalagmites) very similar to those of a chandelier, suspended from the roof of the cave. Needless to say this natural feature has added to its beauty.


Tabas Citadel (Iran tourism)

 Tabas Citadel,iran tourism

This is one of the ancient citadels of this township. But unfortunately it is nearly depleted. This structure most probably belongs to pre-Islamic period, and was used during the same era.


Galjik Historical Cave (Iran tourism)

  Galjik Historical Cave,iran tourism

This cave is located in the heights facing the Haj Arah village of Zanjan. At present no road way facilities are provided and the only way to get there is to trek. This large cave has come about from limestone deposits. Remnants in these caves date back thousands of years at least 16-30000 years BC.