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Khorheh Solooki Temple (Iran tourism)

 Khorheh Solooki Temple,iran tourism

The historical Khorheh Village is located to the west of main road running between Tehran and Esfahan. To the west of which is an archaeological relic related to the Seleucidian era.


Narenj (Narin) Castle (Iran tourism)

 Narenj (Narin) Castle,iran tourism

This building, which in colloquial language is called Narenj Castle, is one of the most important relics of the province dating back to the period before the advent of Islam to Iran, and has been recorded as one of the national buildings. This ancient castle has been constructed on the top of Galeen hill and overlooks the city.


Dash Kasan Caves (Iran tourism)

 Dash Kasan Caves,iran tourism

This aggregate is located 10 km. south east of Soltanieh (Abhar). During this period three caves have been intricately dug out from the breast of the mountain side. Out of the remnants of this beautiful sculpture is worth mentioning of two dragons opposite each other and reaching a height of 3 m.


Dowlat Abad Garden (Iran tourism)

Dowlat Abad Garden,iran tourism

This garden has an aggregate of different buildings which were designed and constructed during the time of Mohammad Taqi Khan in the Zandieh era.


Naraq Bazaar (Iran tourism)

 Naraq Bazaar,iran tourism

The historic city of Naraq is en route Delijan to Kashan. Its ancient and historical covered bazaar is a valuable relic. This bazaar was constructed of mortar and brick, and dates back to the Qajar era.