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Zayandeh Rood River (Iran tourism)

Zayandeh Rood River,iran tourism

The Zayandeh Rood is one of the most important rivers of the central plateau of Iran. The same has come to be known by this name, due to the various gushing springs on its course, that is from its source to the mouth.


Gavkhoony Wetlands (Iran tourism)

Gavkhoony Wetlands,iran tourism

The above mentioned can be considered as one of the reputed wet lands in the central plateau of Iran. This vicinity covers an area of 476 sq. km.


Vank Church (Iran tourism)

Vank Church,iran tourism

The Vank Church is one of the most beautiful and largest churches in the Jolfa vicinity of Esfahan. Its gilded ceiling, interior section of the dome and fine historical paintings are matchless.


Shahzadeh Ebrahim-e-Fin Mausoleum (Iran tourism)

 Shahzadeh Ebrahim-e-Fin Mausoleum,iran tourism

The said is a relic of the Qajar era and was constructed by one of the inhabitants of Fin. The mausoleum comprises of a dome worked in turquoise colored tiles, beautiful Minarets and a porch with mirror work and paintings.