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Orumieh Bazaar (Iran tourism)

  Orumieh Bazaar,iran tourism

This ancient bazaar has an old and new texture present in the southeast corner of the city. The major construction is of brick work.


Esfahan Bazaar (Iran tourism)

Esfahan Bazaar,iran tourism

This bazaar is a relic of the Safavid era and prolongs from the Qasariyeh facade to the Jame' Mosque. This bazaar is also known as the 'Bazaar-e-Nezamiyeh' or 'Nezam-ol-Molk'.


Khoy Old Bazaar (Iran tourism)

 Khoy Old Bazaar,iran tourism

The said bazaar is to the eastern part of the city parallel to Taleqani and Enqelab streets. This bazaar is a remnant of Safavid, Zandiyeh and the Qajar periods in 4th century AH.