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Ardeshir Palace (Iran tourism)

 Ardeshir Palace,iran tourism

This structure was constructed in the vicinity of 'Tang-e-Eram' and holds strong possibility of being a resting place or hunting location of lodge.


Introducing Province (Iran tourism)

Introducing Province,iran tourism

The Bushehr province covers an area of 22,743 sq km. of dry land and 600 km. of coastal area. The province is located in the south of Iran and to the north of the Persian Gulf, enjoying a strategic and sound economical position.


Local Music and Dances (Iran tourism)

Local Music and Dances,iran tourism

The Turkaman music which has more than 500 melodies, has been basically played according to four main divisions, i.e., "Mokhammas", "Tashnid", Qajiqlar" and "Navayee". These divisions can be played in four different methods in special regions or sects.