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Maharloo Lake

 Maharloo Lake,iran tourism

This lake with an area of 600 is located 27 km. southeast of Shiraz. The lake water is used for extraction of normal salt.


Kaftar Lake (Shadkam Lake

 Kaftar Lake (Shadkam Lake,iran tourism

With an area of about 48 sq. km., it is located at southeast of Eqleed. This lake is considered as a valuable habitat for migratory birds with a beautiful and memorable landscape.


Arjan Lake and Wetland

 Arjan Lake and Wetland,iran tourism

Covering about 2000 hectares in area, it is located 60 km south of Shiraz at the vicinity to Shiraz - Bushehr Road.


Estakhr-e-Posht Lake

 Estakhr-e-Posht Lake,iran tourism

This lake covers an area of about 6 hectares and is situated in the Estakhr-e-Posht village in the valley of Zarom river.


Daryook Dam Lake

 Daryook Dam Lake,iran tourism

This lake (reservoir) has an area of about one hectare and is situated opposite the Vali Abad valley of Hezar Cham and in the skirts of the Dal Kamar Mountains.