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Kharaqan Tomb Towers (Iran tourism)

Kharaqan Tomb Towers,iran tourism

These towers are located at a distance of 1 km. from the Hesar Armani village, and within 32 km. of the Qazvin - Hamadan Road. The same are close to one another, though they are located in a vast vicinity.


Hamdollah Mostowfi Tomb (Iran tourism)

Hamdollah Mostowfi Tomb,iran tourism

The said lies in the Panbeh Reeseh locality of Qazvin, and is also reputedly known as the tall dome. Hamdollah Mostowfi who was a honored geographer came from a famed family of Mostowfian dynasty.


Lambasar Castle (Iran tourism)

Lambasar Castle,iran tourism

The said castle is one of the magnificent structures of the province with the two rivers of Lomehdan and Mineh flowing on the two sides of it.


Alamoot Castle (Iran tourism)

Alamoot Castle,iran tourism

The said structure is situated in the heights, surrounding by gigantic precipices and deep crevices. The only means of access to this castle is by a narrow trail to its north.