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Kabir Jame Mosque (Iran tourism)

Kabir Jame Mosque,iran tourism

The said mosque is a remnant of the Saljuqi and Safavid periods and is located in the Shohada avenue of Qazvin. The mosque has a large rectangular courtyard with a huge pool in the center.


Aminiha Mosque (Iran tourism)

Aminiha Mosque,iran tourism

The said structure is located at the western end of the Qajar Avenue. It comprises of 16 interconnected structures, constructed by a merchant called, Haj Mohammad Reza Amini in the year 1275 AH.


Alnabi Mosque (Iran tourism)

Alnabi Mosque,iran tourism

The same is a remnant of the Safavid period, but was renovated during the Qajar era. The courtyard is rectangular with a large pool in the center.