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Company Kaveh Kavir the commitment and adherence to the standard rules in the areas of management, quality, safety, occupational health, environment and energy consumption pattern in order to move the organization forward and Transcendental achieve the objectives below the top of her activities put :

-Increased customer satisfaction and attention to consumer needs

-Being successful in domestic and international market and increase market share

-Increased productivity and cost reduction

- Avoid excessive consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing environmental impact and prevention of environmental pollution

-Improved quality control procedures, and increase efficiency and productivity

- Kaveh Kavir Company employees are committed to understanding of the policy and conduct their activities in accordance with the quality management system requirements And offer appropriate solutions for continuous improvement and effectiveness of the company are involved.

Quality management:

The use of modern methods of quality management for industrial units and organizations have become a necessity and its establishment as 2008 / ISO9001 in the field of quality management and iso 100044 in the field of management, customer satisfaction as the most important and most pervasive of these methods could provide.

In this regard the company as one of the producers of the sample in the field of quality management has always paid special attention to this sector has attracted as a result we have been able to production methods we are constantly optimizing and be updated. improve the quality of our products in many different ways and demands of end users to evaluate the design and production of suitable product.


Kaveh Kavir Company exports its products to 84 countries of Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, UAE and has begun .... and trust in God, believers in recent years has experienced significant growth.

Corporate management with efforts to seek new markets that we supply our products with good quality and Iran and Iranian products in the name of honor small participation of non-oil exports have Islamic country.

after sales service :

After-sales service towards sustainable trade in the category of the largest and most important competitive advantage for brands and with respect to the business cycle (demand, production, consumption) to have a single service with efficiency and effective management can be profound effect on circulation fast, accurate and wide passes and this cycle is inevitable. Aims to attract, enhance customer satisfaction, the company embarked on an extensive network of after-sales services throughout the country.


the Bureau of Standards and industrial Research of Iran won the qualification test associated with the test certification in accordance with ISO 4910 national water cooler and electric appliance safety testing according to national Astandard1-1562 Slaht was confirmed.

Awards and Certificates:

Company K. desert from the beginning of establishment, using the technical knowledge and efforts of researchers, technical and customer reviews with a dynamic company and a leader in quality of and participation in the formulation and implementation of national standards for gas burner and cooler water important step in order to strengthen the standardization of the production of energy based culture removed and consecutive years by the Institute of Standards and industrial Research of Iran as examples of quality and quality control sample is introduced.

The company since its establishment will receive a certificate standards for their products and after its presence in the markets for international certification of compliance products from the company by Bureau Veritas and SGS For years urinary The approach set after extensive research and going beyond the mandatory standards, by optimizing energy consumption in their production plays an important role in reducing household energy consumption.

Kaveh Kavir Company continues to achieve business excellence and customer satisfaction honors of the following:

Industrial unit in 78 years

Quality control unit in 92 years.

Obtaining quality management system standard iso 9001: 2008

Obtaining customer satisfaction management system standard iso 10004

Commission energy efficiency gas

Commission energy efficiency of electrical home appliances industry

Install a member of national standardization and brokerage of all gas appliances

Member of the National Standards burner gas heaters

Member of the National Committee for unit heaters and fireplaces decorative

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