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Dr. Mohammad Moein Tomb (Iran tourism)

 Dr. Mohammad Moein Tomb,iran tourism

Dr. Mohammad Moein, a great personality in the field of Persian literature was the compiler of the Persian Encylopaedia. This tomb attracts those devout to the literature of the land.


History and Culture (Iran tourism)

History and Culture,iran tourism

The history of Gilan is not very clear till the 6th century BC. or till the time that the Greek historians clarified some sections of Iranian history. But archaeological excavations show that the antiquity of the territory in the southern parts of the Caspian Sea dates back to the time prior to the last Ice Age, estimated around 50-150 millennium BC.


Gilan Province (Iran tourism)

Gilan Province,iran tourism

Gilan enjoys a climate known as 'moderate Caspian'. The same has emerged from the influence of currents of both the Alborz Mountains and the Caspian Sea.