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Caspian Sea (Iran tourism)

Caspian Sea,iran tourism

The largest lake of the world, Caspian sea (land-blocked body of water), covers an area of 438,000 sq. km. and is located between Iran and countries such as the Republics of Qazaqistan, Turkamanistan, and Azarbayjan.


Abbas Abad Lake (Iran tourism)

 Abbas Abad Lake,iran tourism

Located in the southeast of Behshahr in the midst of the forest, is a lake with an area of about 10 hectares. Due to the fact that in past, Shah Abbas Safavid was responsible for constructions in this vicinity, thereby the name.


Kiasar and Savad Kooh Forests (Iran tourism)

 Kiasar and Savad Kooh Forests,iran tourism

These vicinities are variable in respect to the landscape, due to the presence of a number of forest valleys, majestic hills, rural settlements (in the heights), ancient castles, rivers, springs, meadows and scattered wheat fields can all be accounted for as areas of interest.


Plains (Iran tourism)

Plains,iran tourism

In Mazandaran province, if the elevations below 100 m. be considered as those limited to the plains, two particular areas come into focus.