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Neka Forests (Iran tourism)

 Neka Forests,iran tourism

The city of Behshahr is responsible for adjoining the various forest areas of the region. These routes are narrow and situated in the dense forests.


Chaloos Forests (Iran tourism)

 Chaloos Forests,iran tourism

This area is close to the sea, with high plains, suitable regional conditions, verdant, with heights and valleys and dense forests, lakes, elevated waterfalls.


Kooh-e-Khajeh Hill (Iran tourism)

 Kooh-e-Khajeh Hill,iran tourism

Kooh-e-Khajeh is one of the most valuable and historical relics of this province, and is located in the territory of Sistan. This hillock is at an elevation of 900 m.


Babol and Amol Forests (Iran tourism)

 Babol and Amol Forests,iran tourism

This area with its elevated landscape and valleys has dense forests. Its tall hills overlook the plains and stretch out till the high slopes of the Damavand Mountains.