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Climate (Iran tourism)

Climate,iran tourism

Environmentally speaking the climate of Tehran and Alborz provinces in the desert and southern territories is warm and dry, in the skirts of the mountains cold and semi -humid, and in the higher regions cold, experiencing long winters.


The introduction of Tehran (Iran tourism)

The introduction of Tehran,iran tourism

Tehran was one of the villages of Ray city in the Safavid era. At the time of Mongol conquests and destruction of Ray, a large group of people migrated to Tehran village and brought about the development and flourishment of this place.


Hasht Behesht Palace (Iran tourism)

Hasht Behesht Palace,iran tourism

This historical edifice was constructed during the reign of Shah Soleiman Safavid. Today, only a minor portion of the grounds remains. However, tile work with interesting designs


Chehel Sotune Palace (Iran tourism)

Chehel Sotune Palace,iran tourism

The Chehel Sotune Palace and its garden cover an area of approximately 67,000 sq. m. This palace was constructed during the reign of Shah Abbas I. Shah Abbas II was also responsible for additions to this palace, such as the hall of mirrors, the hall of 18 pillars and two large chambers facing the north and south.