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Ardabil Bazar (Iran tourism)

Ardabil Bazar,iran tourism

In the heart of the Ardabil city, this bazaar stands as old as the Islamic period. It's shape was described by the historians of 4th century AH. as a cross, extending in four directions with simply designed domes.


Sabalan Mountains (Iran tourism)

Sabalan Mountains,iran tourism

One of the most interesting mountains of Iran, with an altitude of about 4,800 m., is Sabalan which is originally a volcanic mountain. The summit is located 41 km. from Ardabil and can be easily observed while traveling on the road to Sar Ein and Ardabil


Ardabil Jame Mosque (Iran tourism)

Ardabil Jame Mosque,iran tourism

Up to the time of the Mongol attack, it was the center of government in Azarbayjan. Shah Esmail started his effort for a national government and land integrity of Iran from Ardabil and consequently he announced Tabriz as the capital city of Iran in 906 AH. In the Safavid period