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Western Radkan Tower (Iran tourism)

 Western Radkan Tower,iran tourism

This tower is located near the Radkan village, 24 km. south of Kord Kooy and 54 km. to the southwest of Gorgan. The same is situated on a strategic hillock.


Gonbad Qaboos Tower (Iran tourism)

 Gonbad Qaboos Tower,iran tourism

The same is a majestic structure made of brick, with special technicalities and affects of art, related to the 4th century AH. This structure which is located on a hillock amidst the grand park of Gonbad Kavoos city, is the tomb of Shams-ol-Mali Qaboos Ebne Voshmgir Ziyari


History and Culture (Iran tourism)

History and Culture,iran tourism

The history of human settlements in the territory of Gorgan dates to a millennium BC. The evidences of the ancient city of Jorjan are near the current city of Gorgan.


Climate (Iran tourism)

Climate,iran tourism

In accordance with certain factors such as geographical location, influenced by the latitude and geographical elevation; the Alborz Mountain Ranges, its distance from the sea, the desert areas south of Turkmenistan, local winds and forest density, brings about a variable climate.