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Hasht Behesht Palace (Iran tourism)

Hasht Behesht Palace,iran tourism

This historical edifice was constructed during the reign of Shah Soleiman Safavid. Today, only a minor portion of the grounds remains. However, tile work with interesting designs


Chehel Sotune Palace (Iran tourism)

Chehel Sotune Palace,iran tourism

The Chehel Sotune Palace and its garden cover an area of approximately 67,000 sq. m. This palace was constructed during the reign of Shah Abbas I. Shah Abbas II was also responsible for additions to this palace, such as the hall of mirrors, the hall of 18 pillars and two large chambers facing the north and south.


Ashraf Pavillion (Iran tourism)

Ashraf Pavillion,iran tourism

This structure is within the palace and was erected during the reign of Shah Abbas II with the aid of scaffolds. The roof of which is flat and supported by thick, tall columns covered with gold.


Ali Qapoo Edifice (Iran tourism)

Ali Qapoo Edifice,iran tourism

This palace was also called 'Daulat Khaneh-e-Mobarakeh Nagsh-e-Jahan' and the 'Daulat Khaneh Palace'. Its unique archaic architecture is related to the Safavid era.


Sheikh Lotf Ol-lah Mosque (Iran tourism)

Sheikh Lotf Ol-lah Mosque,iran tourism

This mosque was constructed by a decree issued by Shah Abbas I and took a period of 18 years to be completed. The architect and mason of this structure was 'Ostad Mohammad Reza Esfahani'