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Imam Jomeh House (Iran tourism)

 Imam Jomeh House,iran tourism

Imam Jomeh house is one of the magnificent buildings of second half of 13th century AH. and was used to be the residence of ‘Imam Jomeh’ or the Friday Praying Leader, prior to Islamic Revolution.


Mahabad Rood River (Iran tourism)

 Mahabad Rood River,iran tourism

This river is composed of two main branches and flows from the summits of Piran Shahr and Sardasht. After following its course it joins Lake Orumieh.


Aras River (Iran tourism)

 Aras River,iran tourism

The bordering Aras River flows for about 135 km. between the province of West Azarbayjan and the Republic of Nakhjavan.


Zoorzoor (Barone) Church (Iran tourism)

 Zoorzoor (Barone) Church,iran tourism

This church is in the village of Barone in Zangar Valley, and in order to save it from damages, the church structure was hauled up on the mountain with the utmost care and concentration.