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Sheikh Safi-edin Ardabily Mausoleum

Sheikh Safi-edin Ardabily Mausoleum,iran tourism
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Sheikh Safi-edin Ardabily Mausoleum, Ardabil 

It is composed of a series of monuments built in various periods that was shaped as a complex for the first time by Shah Tahmasb. Later Shah Abbas added to the previous ones and renovated some sections. This historical complex is closely intertwined with the history of the Safavid Dynasty. Some of the Safavid kings as well as Shah Esmail I have been buried at this site. The main section of the mausoleum is composed of a circular tower with circumference of 22 m. which is about 17 meters high. In the interior of this monument, near Sheikh Safi's tomb, the tomb of his son (the founder of mausoleum) and those of other family members can be found.  

At the time of Naseredin Shah Qajar, i.e., about 115 years ago, major renovations took place and some changes were made to the complex. This site has been a major attraction for domestic and international tourists. Main sections of the complex are the followings: the gate, the large court, the small court, the graveyard court, Shahidgah (martyrdom place), Janat Sara Mosque and Cheleh Khaneh which encircles Qandil Khaneh, Haramkhaneh and Chini Khaneh. The Allah Allah Dome is very famous and probably the most spectacular part of the complex.