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Zolfaqary Edifice

Zolfaqary Edifice,iran tourism
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Zolfaqary Edifice

The historical complex of the Zolfaqary edifice is located in the central network of the old part of the Zanjan city. This comprises of the so called interior buildings (which mainly sheltered the women of the household and was their domain ), and the 'exterior' section. At present, only the central portion of the 'exterior' structure remains. This edifice was constructed in two storeys, besides the cellar. The entrance of the ground floor, which has two pillars and a closed - in roof, gives way to a vestibule, (usually octagonal).

Two staircases lead to the upper floor having halls, drawing and bed rooms and water closets. The focal point of architecture abided here is the dome in the central part of the ceiling, and the ceiling itself as what is known as Chahar Taqi. The building surrounding the Chahar Taqi are covered with wooden beams. In the nucleus of this structure is a spectacular, beautiful and octagonal light sutures. This is well known as Kolah Farangi (pavillion). The ceilings of the rooms are beautifully and artistically decorated in geometrical design and other works of art. Tile work from the Qajar era can also be noted. The facade of this structure is in brick. The windows in general have colored panes with a carved frame work.