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Akhenjan Tower (Iran tourism)

 Akhenjan Tower,iran tourism

The tower of Akhenjan is located 22 km. north of Mashad and dates back to the Teimoorian era and the 9th century AH. The tower is octagonal in shape, the brick work of which is fancy and adds to its beauty.


Oshtoran kooh Mountain (Iran tourism)

 Oshtoran kooh Mountain,iran tourism

Located 50 km. within the limits of Aligoodarz and Borujerd, in a north west and south east direction, spans the 'Oshtoran Kooh' Mountain Range. Its natural glaciers are full of snow and ice throughout the year.


Kiyou Lake (Iran tourism)

 Kiyou Lake,iran tourism

This lake is situated alongside a park by the same name. The Kiyou Lake gains its water from the natural springs, in addition to the beauty it has attributed to the city, it is a famous spot for tourists.