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Bazoft River

 Bazoft River,iran tourism

The fringes of the Bazoft River has access to the roads to Shahr-e-Kord and Masjed Soleiman.



Mountains,iran tourism

This peak is covered with seasonal glaciers. Mountaineers ascend to the peak through Hafashjan after passing a long valley (Seyed Qani garden) and also Dalanak seasonal glacier.


Solagan (Solejan) Wetland

 Solagan (Solejan) Wetland,iran tourism

This wetland is very vast and bearing an area of over 8 sq. km. provides a natural habitat for different species of waterfowls.


Gandoman Wetland

 Gandoman Wetland,iran tourism

This wetland is not very far from the Choqakhor Wetland Infact it is a part of Choqakhor waters which forms the Gandoman Wetland.


Dehnoo Wetland

 Dehnoo Wetland,iran tourism

Dehnoo is one of the springs of Behesht Abad area. Being close to the cities of Brujen, Gandoman, Shahr-e-Kord and Beldaji and due to an easy access to it