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Moshtaqiyeh (Segonbad) Dome (Iran tourism)

Moshtaqiyeh (Segonbad) Dome,iran tourism

This dome is located in the Moshtaqiyeh sq. in Kerman and was constructed during the Qajar reign. Three domes have been constructed on three tombs belonging to Moshtaq Ali Shah, Sheikh Esmail and Kowsar Ali Shah.


Ganj Ali Khan Bath (Iran tourism)

Ganj Ali Khan Bath,iran tourism

This bath has been decoratively adorned with arches, tile and plaster work and also paintings. The entrance of this bath has been artistically painted with ornaments of the Safavid era, and its architectural facets were performed by Ostad Mohammad Sultan Yazdi.


Bam Citadel (Iran tourism)

 Bam Citadel,iran tourism

To the north east of the Bam city, in the skirts of a gigantic rock is the foundations of a fortified castle, reputedly known as the Bam Citadel. This citadel was actually the old city of Bam.