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Takhte Khan Inscription (Iran tourism)

Takhte Khan Inscription,iran tourism

This inscription is carved on a large stone in a place with the same name 34 kilometers far from Ilam. There is some information about the history and the governors of Ilam in this inscription.


Vali Castle (Iran tourism)

Vali Castle,iran tourism

This castle is located on the Choqa Mirag hill in the city of Ilam. This castle is built about 100 years ago in the Qajar period and its area is 2,500 square meters.


Sheikh Makan Fort (Iran tourism)

 Sheikh Makan Fort,iran tourism

Located 6 kilometers southeast of Dareh Shahr, the ruins of this fort can be seen in the entrance of the village with the same name with 150 years of antiquity.


Gavmishan Bridge (Iran tourism)

 Gavmishan Bridge,iran tourism

This Sassanide bridge has been constructed in the confluence of the Seimareh and Kashkan Rivers. Although it has been repaired several times during the past, it is almost in a ruined state now.


Bahrame Choobin Gorge (Iran tourism)

 Bahrame Choobin Gorge,iran tourism

This narrow and high valley is one of the most important and strategic points of the region, located in the western side of the Dareh Shahr - Pol-e-Dokhtar Road.