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Ebne Yamin-e-Forumadi Tomb (Iran tourism)

 Ebne Yamin-e-Forumadi Tomb,iran tourism

The tomb of this great poet lies in the village of Farumad, Shahrood. The structure and tomb are hexagonal, the latter has an engraving on it. The date of birth of this personality being 685 AH.


Arg Gate (Iran tourism)

Arg Gate,iran tourism

The said gate-way is located at the cross-roads of Ayatollah Talleqani Ave., and Sheikh Fazlollah Noori Ave., of Semnan. This was constructed during the reign of Naseredin Shah, in the years 1300-1305 AH.


Shah Abbasi Caravansary (Iran tourism)

 Shah Abbasi Caravansary,iran tourism

This is a relic from the Safavid era and is located in the Shaheed Fallahi Avenue in Damqan city. This structure has a tall doorway, vast hall and various rooms. There is a porch at the top of the entrance door.