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Abbas Abad Spring (Iran tourism)

 Abbas Abad Spring,iran tourism

This wetland is located 2 km. to the east of Shazand. Verdant areas and the surrounding trees create a beautiful scene. Each year thousands of people visit this place.


Shah Vali Mosque (Iran tourism)

 Shah Vali Mosque,iran tourism

This mosque has a hot chamber bath and summer section. The same is situated in Taft. Its important relics are: marble stone of adythum in 125cm.


Shah Zand Cave (Iran tourism)

 Shah Zand Cave,iran tourism

This cave is 35 km. to the south west of Arak. From ancient times this cave was a sacred and pilgrimage site for the Zoroastrians and annually many Zoroastrians from all over the country as well as India visit this cave for pilgrimage.