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Damavand Summit (Iran tourism)

 Damavand Summit,iran tourism

This peak with an attitude of 5,678 m. is located 75 km south east of Tehran. Besides the natural beauty of Mount Damavand, the Esk and Gol-e-Zard Caves are also placed in the ascending route to Plure.


Wetlands (Iran tourism)

Wetlands,iran tourism

The ponds and wetlands of this province cover an area of more than 700 sq. km. Some of these are 'sweet water'and some 'salty water'.


Taromamaj Lake (Iran tourism)

 Taromamaj Lake,iran tourism

The Taromamaj Lake lies between the two mountain ranges of Garah Daq in the north and Zarin Kooh in the south, and is located at about 113 km from Tehran.