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Zayandeh Rood River

 Zayandeh Rood River,iran tourism
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Zayandeh Rood River, Shahr-e-Kord 

This river flows its course from Garagoosh in the northeast to Chelvan near Saman and depicts a perfect recreational area in this province. This vicinity comprises of the villages of Gonagoosh, Garm Dareh, Markadeh, Qoochan, Sadeq Abad, Hovreh, Dashti, Cham Khalifeh, Cham Jangal, and Cham Chang which draw hordes of families to this area generally from the third week of the month of May till nearly the end of September.

Other Rivers, Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari 

Other rivers in this province are named as follows: Kiyan River, Aaq Balaq River, Aab Vanak River, Koreh River, Sabz River, Khan Mirza River, Chelleh Khaneh River, Garm River, Khersan River, Aab Koohrang River, Aab Kori River, Aab Tungan River, Aab Jahanbeen River, Aab Dareh Kal River, Aabha-e-Garfaq.They also provide recreational and leisuring spots.