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Shah Vali Mosque

 Shah Vali Mosque,iran tourism
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Shah Vali Mosque, Taft 

 This mosque has a hot chamber bath and summer section. The same is situated in Taft. Its important relics are: marble stone of adythum in 125cm. x 64cm. dimension on which an encarving of flowers (gol boteh) and Qandil along with "Aqam-e-Alsalat" writings on margins and "La Elaha Ellallah" [There is no God but Allah] writings on the top, in beautiful Naskh script. A delicate reticulated wooden door, on which the lettering of Mohammad (PBUH) has been carved at several places in a circular fashion. Round the door there is a tablet in tile, on which the holy names of 12 Imams have been inscribed in Naskh script. Above the altar there is a net of brilliant and beautiful plaster work which let the light penetrate inside, and on its margin the date of 1339 AH. can be noted.