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Hazrat Abdol Azim Shrine (Iran tourism)

 Hazrat Abdol Azim Shrine,iran tourism
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Hazrat Abdol Azim Shrine, Ray 

Hazrat Abdol Azim embraces one of the important and largest places of pilgrimage for Shiite sect round the globe. This religious site is located in Ray. Hazrat Abdol Azim (AS) is one of the offspring of Imam Hassan (PBUH), who was martyred in the 3rd century AH. The tombs of Imamzadeh Hamzeh (brother of Imam Reza), Imamzadeh Taher (the offspring of Imam Sajad), the tombs of a few monarchs of the Qajar era, and tombs of a few of clergies are situated here. This structure dates back to 848 AH.